Is there breakup between Saif and Kareena?

The ‘inevitable’ has happened. There are cracks in the perfect passion already.

If rumours floating out of the couple’s friendly circle are to be believed, Kareena and Saif are constantly having problems, and it isn’t Saif’s fault, really.

Not yet. Says a source, “Saif is constantly crowding her for attention. Nowadays, he’s only talking to Bebo. Saif has stopped communicating almost completely with all his family and friends.” He is now constantly pre-occupied with keeping tabs on his lady love, and accompanying her to events which have nothing to do with him, all over the country.
Says the source, “Kareena likes her space. She’s very giving in love, but doesn’t want her man to constantly question her. She gets what-are-you-doing, where-are-you calls from Saif throughout the day. Initially, she enjoyed all the attention. But now it’s begun to tell on her nerves. More than Kareena, it’s her mom Babita who’s worried that Saif’s ceaseless trailing may affect her career.”

Friends say Kareena’s asked Saif to back off a bit. Quite a bit. “Ironically, he used to complain about Rozza’s constant attention. Today, he’s behaving exactly like her. Kareena can’t help but remember Shahid’s easy-does-it, gentle attention,” says the source.

So where does the relationship stand? “Nothing alarming yet. All Saif needs to do is give Bebo the space to find her pace. Otherwise, he’d have to get another gf with a name similar to Kareena so he can get the tattoo re-done without too much pain,” says a friend.