Reservation system needs relook, says Bainsla

Gujjar leader Kirori Singh Bainsla, spearhading an agitation to press for ST status for his community, suggested it was time to exclude some castes which have already benefited from quota and include new ones that ‘deserve and require’ it.

Acknowledging that the quota space itself was getting increasingly crowded and keeping in mind the court ruling that reservation cannot exceed 49 per cent, Bainsla said that the ‘entire reservation system needs a relook’.

He said no review had so far taken place about the extent of benefit to castes enjoying the reservation.

Such an exercise should be undertaken to exclude castes which have benefited by it and bring in its purview those castes which ‘deserve and require’ quota, the Gujjar leader said.

“The best homage for the martyrs is that Gujjars get ST status. The Rajasthan government must send the correct recommendation to the Centre”, said Bainsla who has already rejected Rajasthan government’s suggestion for extending reservation to Gujjars under nomadic tribe status.

On the inconvenience caused by the Gujjars’ agitation, he said, “I regret the inconvenience. We had no other option but to stay here till the ST stats recommendation is sent.”

Asked where does the agitation go from here, Bainsla said, “we have paid the price. We have to stick to this place because we need this (ST status). We deserve this and we fulfill all parameters.”